INEUSTAR in the 'Global Innovation Forum' event


INEUSTAR co-organizes in the GIF 2019 'Global Innovation Forum' event to be held between October 21 and 23 in Daejeon (Republic of Korea). This annual event that has been organized since 2014 as a joint initiative between UNESCO and the World Technopolis Association (WTA). It has this year as its central theme 'Towards a Smart City from Sustainability Context'.

In addition, INEUSTAR and INDUCIENCIA organize a thematic section on October 22, 'Startups from Basic Science' with the interventions of Francisco Javier Cáceres, Pablo Redondo Caicoya, Pablo Garcia Tello, Javier Díaz and Myeun Kwon.

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SGS certifies ESS Bilbao

SGS certifies ESS Bilbao has assessed ISO 9001:2015


For the first time, a superconducting radio-frequency cavity has been cooled and operated using cryogenic refrigerators

For the first time, a team at Fermilab has cooled and operated a superconducting radio-frequency cavity — a crucial component of superconducting particle accelerators using cryogenic refrigerators — with cryocoolers, breaking the tradition of cooling cavities by immersing them in a bath of liquid helium. It achieved an accelerating gradient of 6.6 million volts per meter.

This new method — based on a Fermilab idea patented five years ago — uses cryogenic refrigerators, or cryocoolers, for removing the heat dissipated by a superconducting accelerator cavity. By compressing and expanding helium gas across a regenerative heat exchanger in a “closed” cycle, the cryocoolers produce cooling without letting the helium out. This closed-cycle operation of cryocoolers makes the system very compact — more so than the standard liquid helium cooling equipment used by traditional accelerator cavities.

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Meeting between Spanish and Hungarian companies and institutions in Budapest.

Last Tuesday, following the 14th International Symposium on Nuclear Fusion Technology in Budapest (ISFNT-14), the meeting between Spanish and Hungarian companies and institutions took place. It has been the beginning of a fruitful collaboration that will continue to consolidate over the next few years.

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Conference "Technology transfer workshop" in ALBA synchrotron


The Synchrotron ALBA organizes the "Technology Transfer Workshop (I2-TTW)" event to discuss technology transfer opportunities from the university to the company, in which there will also be a visit to the synchrotron facilities.

It is organized by the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2), Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), and the ALBA synchrotron.

The event will take place on October 24-25, 2019 at the Synchrotron ALBA facilities in Cerdanyola del Valles.

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