The support office to the Galileo Security Surveillance Center will be moved to Spain

On January 18th, the UE State Members decide that Madrid will host the support office for the Galileo Security Surveillance Center, currently located in Swanwick (UK). This office will support the main CVSG, located in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (France), in the case any technical problem arises, or if some maintainance works must be done

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INEUSTAR-Pioneers success case: Fossil Ion Technology

INEUSTAR-PIONEERSFossil Ion Technology is a company founded by Spanish scientists that counts with the INEUSTAR-Pioneers network support, through its node in Málaga (Promálaga). Those scientists have developed a breath analysis system (Super Sesi) that detects in the exhaled air more than two thousand different chemical species, coming from the own metabolism as well as from the lungs, the respiratory tract and the mouth bacteria metabolism, among others. After analyzing the samples, indicatory molecules are identified as coming from concrete pathologies, assisting the diagnosis of diseases with this non-invasive method.

Thanks to the use of powerful computing algorithms from CERN, to whom this company has gained access through the INEUSTAR-Promálaga collaboration (INEUSTAR-Pioneers program), Fossil Ion Technology will be able to develop a data processing tool aiming at putting together all the collected data and the obtained conclusions after breath analysis tests coming from the different hospitals that are already using this innovative technology (Zurich Children's Hospital, Bassel Children's Hospital, Tumour Research National Institute in Italy…). This tool will highly improve Super Sesi’s evaluation system.

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Transfiere 2018

transfiere 2018During 14th and 15th February 2018, Málaga will host the 7th European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, a great professional and multisector forum for technology and knowledge transfer, that is open to the participation of the national and international R+D+i ecosystems. In this Forum, the participants can establish B2B contacts, transfer scientific knowledge and technology research lines, find possible partners for initiatives or projects, show their products and innovative services, know the technology needs of the Public Administration, and get financed for innovative projects as well.

As in the past years, the Spanish Science Industry actively participates in this event through INEUSTAR  and INDUCIENCIA, being both organizations member of Transfiere Organizing Committee.

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BSBF 2018

Big Science business forum 2018From 26th to 28th February 2018, Copenhagen (Denmark) will host the Big Science Business Forum, the first event in Europe of its kind, whose’s main goal is to bring together companies (suppliers) with big scientific facilities (clients), and where meetings and collaboration among them will be encouraged. Confirmed assistants among the Big Scientific Facilities are CERN, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF, ESS, XFEL, F4E...

INEUSTAR is co-organizing the Spanish participation in this event together with ICEX.

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INEUSTAR's 2018 External Promotion Program

As in previous years, INEUSTAR has presented to ICEX its external promotion plan. Within this plan, the co-organization (INEUSTAR – ICEX) of the joint presence of Spanish companies in several main conferences and internationals exhibitions related to Science Industry, are included: SPIE 2018, Austin (Astrophysics and Telescopes); IPAC 2018 Vancouver (Accelerators), SOFT 2018, Sicilia (Fusion); Big Science Businness Forum, Copenhague; and several others as Transfiere Forum (Málaga), OPIE 2018 (Yokohama), etc.