ATTRACT initiative - the call for breakthrough projects is open

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ATTRACT is a pioneering initiative that will bring together the industrial community and the basic research within Europe, leading the future in sensors, detectors and imaging technologies.

This project will count with 17M€ to support up to 170 breakthrough ideas, and the call for researchers, entrepreneurs and companies to present their ideas and projects in such fields has been opened on August 1st, ending on October 31st 2018.

 INEUSTAR is part of this program, and through its General Management, the Association is part of ATTRACT's PAC (Project Advisory Comittee).


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The launch of the James Webb telescope has been postponed

NASA has communicated officially the delay in launching the James Webb telescope, scheduled now for early 2021. They also indicate that the budget has risen from $8 to $8.8 billions, and that the total lifecycle budget is now $9.66 B.


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A beam of protons has been rotated for the first time

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CERN experts have contributed to a technology breakthrough on high-energy particle physics. This is also a crucial step in the future development of the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) at CERN. This team of experts have tested a new technology called "crab cavities", which has rotated a proton beam for the first time.

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Science Industry conferences and work meetings at Tenerife

Inauguración jornadas IdC

During July 5th and 6th, INEUSTAR celebrated at Tenerife the "Jornadas de la Industria de la Ciencia" that, on the first day, held conferences from local experts in Astronomy and Space Sciences, Medicine and Medical Equipment and Micro and Nanosatellites. Moreover, experts from ZEC, INtech and IACTEC also informed the assistants about the advantages and opportunities that exist nowadays in Tenerife and its influence zone.

On the second day, some visits and work meetings were organized in La Palma island, during which several IAC Observatories were visited at the Roque de Los Muchachos.



INEUSTAR Conferences at Tenerife

On July 2nd and 3rd, INEUSTAR will celebrate at Tenerife a workshop where companies from the islands and from the peninsula, as well as different members of the government and institutions will assist. The meetings aim at joining together entities with a specific need and companies that can cover it.

In particular, INEUSTAR associated and non-associated members will assist, as well as some responsible persons from INtech, IAC and IACTec.