INEUSTAR-Pioneers success case: Fossil Ion Technology

INEUSTAR-PIONEERSFossil Ion Technology is a company founded by Spanish scientists that counts with the INEUSTAR-Pioneers network support, through its node in Málaga (Promálaga). Those scientists have developed a breath analysis system (Super Sesi) that detects in the exhaled air more than two thousand different chemical species, coming from the own metabolism as well as from the lungs, the respiratory tract and the mouth bacteria metabolism, among others. After analyzing the samples, indicatory molecules are identified as coming from concrete pathologies, assisting the diagnosis of diseases with this non-invasive method.

Thanks to the use of powerful computing algorithms from CERN, to whom this company has gained access through the INEUSTAR-Promálaga collaboration (INEUSTAR-Pioneers program), Fossil Ion Technology will be able to develop a data processing tool aiming at putting together all the collected data and the obtained conclusions after breath analysis tests coming from the different hospitals that are already using this innovative technology (Zurich Children's Hospital, Bassel Children's Hospital, Tumour Research National Institute in Italy…). This tool will highly improve Super Sesi’s evaluation system.

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