Korean economic and scientific mission to Spain organized by INEUSTAR and ICEX


Along December 9th to 16th 2017, a mission composed by representatives from government, scientific and academic institutions, and companies from Daejeon Metropolitan Area visited Madrid, Granada and Málaga. This mission is included in the External Promotion and Collaboration agenda of INEUSTAR focused in Korea.

In Madrid, several working meetings were held, and ICEX, CIEMAT, INTA and Madrid International Lab were visited.

In Granada, a broad agenda of contacts and visits was followed, among which, the general reception at the Granada Regional Government, the meeting at the City Hall and those held at the Granada University, Scientific and Health Technology Parks, Andalusian Astrophysics Institute, local companies (Seven Solutions and Vircell) are worth mentioning. Of great relevance was the visit to Escúzar Metropolitan Park, where the Ifmif-Dones accelerator is planned to be built. Mr. Taek-su Kim, leader of the Korean delegation, specifically supported in several occasions this Spanish Bid.

In Málaga, working meetings were held with executives from the Fairs and Congress Palace (FYCMA) and from the Technology Park, as well as from the Transfiere Forum. There was a welcome meeting at the Málaga City Hall, and visits to the University of Málaga, the International San Telmo Institute and to Promálaga BIC, local node of INEUSTAR-Pioneers network. The Korean delegation had also the opportunity to visit a start-up (Fossiliontech), covered by the mentioned program that Promálaga and INEUSTAR are developing in the city.

During the mission, three agreements were signed:

     - Between Granada and Daejeon City Halls.

     - Between INEUSTAR and UNESCO-WTA.

     - Between Promálaga and Daejeon Business Agency.

Likewise, important steps have been taken towards other agreements between universities and between Korean and Spanish companies in the field of Science Industry. In particular, it has been studied the possible collaboration around the two future accelerators RAON (Daejeon) and IFMIF-DONES (Granada), as well as other possible collaborations in the field of Astrophysics and Space Sciences. 

reunion icex 2 reunin dipgra reunin dipgra 2
Working meeting at ICEX Working meeting at Granada Regional Government

Presents exchange at Granada Regional Government

 reunin ayto. granada  reunin ugr  visita esczar
 Agreement signature at Granada City Hall  Working meeting at Granada University  Visit to Escúzar
  reunin alcalda mlaga  
  Eorking meeting at Málaga City Hall see gallery

Daejeon (1.5 M hab.) is considered as the Science City in South Korea and counts with more than 17 universities. A big part of the Korean main research institutes and science facilities are placed in its “scientific belt”. South Korea is the world leader in per capita investments in R+D.

Ineustar, the Science Industry Spanish Association has been developing, since 3 years ago, collaboration activities in Korea with a joint presence of Spanish companies in Korean events, conferences and exhibitions, organizing workshops and signing specific collaboration agreements.