Opening of the Delegation of INEUSTAR at Tenerife


Resulting from the joint efforts of INEUSTAR and Cabildo de Tenerife, IAC, INtech Tenerife, IACtec and other local organizations; on September 6th the INEUSTAR Delegation at Tenerife opened its doors.

This permanent Delegation will develop intensively the current work programs of INEUSTAR that affect the Canary Islands, and Tenerife in particular, with a very intense attention to those related to Astrophysics, Space (micro- and nano-satellites) and medical equipment. Likewise, the Delegation of INEUSTAR at Tenerife will promote and give support to every initiative related to the location of new technological activities at Tenerife, facilitating the access to local programs and support.

The Delegation of INEUSTAR at Tenerife is located at the business incubation centre INnovaparq ULL:

Avenida Trinidad, 61

Torre Profesor Agustín Arévalo

INnovaparq ULL, 6ªP, Of. 9ª.

38071, San Cristóbal de La Laguna (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)