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attract-initiative-the-call-for-breakthrough-projects-is-open ATTRACT is a pioneering initiative that will bring together the industrial community and the basic research within Europe, leading the future in...Read more
the-launch-of-the-james-webb-telescope-has-been-postponedNASA has communicated officially the delay in launching the James Webb telescope, scheduled now for early 2021. They also indicate that the budget has...Read more
a-beam-of-protons-has-been-rotated-for-the-first-time CERN experts have contributed to a technology breakthrough on high-energy particle physics. This is also a crucial step in the future development of the...Read more
science-industry-conferences-and-work-meetings-at-tenerife During July 5th and 6th, INEUSTAR celebrated at Tenerife the "Jornadas de la Industria de la Ciencia" that, on the first day, held conferences from...Read more
ineustar-conferences-at-tenerife On July 2nd and 3rd, INEUSTAR will celebrate at Tenerife a workshop where companies from the islands and from the peninsula, as well as different...Read more
participation-at-spie-2018INEUSTAR has participated at SPIE 2018, event oriented towards astronomical telescopes (ground and space-based), as well as instrumentation and...Read more