INEUSTAR Conferences at Tenerife

On July 2nd and 3rd, INEUSTAR will celebrate at Tenerife a workshop where companies from the islands and from the peninsula, as well as different members of the government and institutions will assist. The meetings aim at joining together entities with a specific need and companies that can cover it.

In particular, INEUSTAR associated and non-associated members will assist, as well as some responsible persons from INtech, IAC and IACTec.


SPIE 2018

From June 10 to 15th, the SPIE 2018 will take place at Austin (Texas, USA), event oriented towards astronomical telescopes (ground- and space-based) as well as towards the related instrumentation and technologies.

INEUSTAR and INDUCIENCIA have co-organized the Spanish participation together with ICEX at a National Pavillion where the Canarian Astrophysics Institute (IAC) will be present.

INEUSTAR will promote, at this event, the astrophysical facilities and the business opportunities that Tenerife offers.

For SPIE 2018 a brochure has been edited that will be distributed physically among the attendants to the event, and that can also be found through the following link.